Do I need to upgrade Firmware? How to upgrade Firmware?

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Find solutions created by our product support experts. Access installation and user guides for information about how to install,  use and how to get the most from your MP3 player.

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Transferring music tracks to a portable MP3 player
This guide contains all that you need to know on how to transfer music to your MP3 player.

Learn About the ZEN 2/4/8/16 and 32GB
This guide contains all that you need to know on how to use your Creative ZEN MP3 player.

Your ZEN player is not recognised under Windows XP
If your player is not recognised then this guide will help you.

Error when transferring music to PC Music Library or a player
If you have difficulty transferring music files that you were able to successfully transfer previously, or if there is an error while you attempt to transfer new tracks to the PC Music Library, it is likely that the PC Music Library is corrupt.

Difficulty transferring Audible content to Creative players
If you experience any difficulty transferring Audible contents from your PC to a MP3 player loaded with MTP firmware - also known as PlaysForSure - download and install the following Microsoft updates and hotfixes...

Getting Started with Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player
Congratulations on your ZEN Stone purchase! Fancy doing more with your sparkling new player? Download Creative Media Lite to rip CDs, manage folders, transfer files and access other essential functions. Go on, try it now!

Creative ZEN Stone - Frequently Asked Questions
Congratulations on your ZEN Stone purchase! Fancy doing more with your sparkling new player? Frequently Asked Questions - Learn more...

Creative ZEN Stone - How To use Creative Media Lite
Look here to know How To use Creative Media Lite, the integrated software designed for your ZEN Stone player. With Creative Media Lite, you can rip CDs, transfer music and restrict maximum volume all in one place.

Transferring video and picture files to a Portable Media Player
A number of movie clips are included with your Creative ZEN Portable Media Center. The following are some tips on transferring additional video files to your ZEN PMC (Portable Media Center).

Reset or format a Creative ZEN Portable Media Player
To reset the player: gently push the end of a thin object (like a straightened paperclip) into the Reset holelocated on the side of the unit.

Subscription services give you legal access to the largest music collections
Subscription services use a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to provide legal access to entertainment content, through a paid service. Rather than selling individual digital media files, a fixed-fee gives access to a library of songs or video.

Step by Step Creative Zen Micro Firmware Upgrade Guide
Try our step by step setup guide for upgrading your Creative Zen Micro applications...

Using your Creative MP3 player with online music subscription services
To use an MP3 player with online music subscription services, you need the following...

Creative ZEN Micro Applications and PlaysForSure
ZEN Micro players can work with your PC in one of two ways. We recommend you read about both options and then select the best options for you.

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