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Find solutions created by our product support experts. Access installation and user guides for information about how to install,  use and how to get the most from your MP3 player.

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Connecting a Creative MP3 player to an amplifier or speakers
Before connecting your Creative player, ensure that the volume on the unit is set to zero. Once connected, gradually increase the volume until you have sufficient output.

Low volume on a Creative Jukebox3, Jukebox ZEN Xtra, ZEN NX, ZEN, ZEN USB2.0
If you experience low volume on your Creative Jukebox3 or ZEN, we suggest enabling the players Custom EQ setting.

Synchronizing Contact, Task and Calendar in Windows XP Chinese version
To correctly display contacts and tasks in Chinese under a Chinese version of Windows XP, you will need to change the language for non-Unicode programs to Chinese.

Transferring Video From a Camcorder to Creative ZEN Players
In order to transfer video contents from a camcorder (digital or analog) to a portable media player such as the ZEN Vision, ZEN PMC, you will need to first copy (export, capture, download, encode, among other terms) the video contents to a computer as a file, and then transfer video files to your portable player.

Copying content from a Compact Flash card onto Creative ZEN Vision
How to copy or data files from a compact flash to Creative ZEN Vision

Could Not Play, Convert, or Transfer Video Clips
Before a video file can be played in a PC, the video player must be able to locate the necessary video codec as well as audio codec to decompress the file. Otherwise, it will report errors such as "format not supported", "necessary component not found".

No sound when playing a Divx4/Divx5/Xvid video file
Make sure the AVI file has the audio track in a format supported by Creative ZEN Vision. Files with AC3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS sound will not play correctly on the Creative ZEN Vision, because the player does not support AC3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS decoding.

Can not play an .avi video clip
To play back a compressed .avi file on your PC, you must first have appropriate codecs installed. If Windows Media Player 10 could not find the required codec from its default database and its online data, it will report an error. To resolve the error, follow the procedures below...

Locating Video and Audio Content for Creative ZEN Players
Creative's ZEN players give freedom of choice and access to the widest selection of download as well as subscription services for both music and video content.

Creative ZEN Vision FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Creative ZEN Vision player

Video Format Recommendations for Creative ZEN Vision/Vision:M
Full list of Video formats supported by Creative ZEN Vision, and ZEN Vision:M

Adjusting the LCD backlight on a Creative ZEN Micro
How to adjust the LCD backlight on a Creative ZEN Micro

Checking the firmware version on a Creative ZEN Micro
How to check the firmware version on a Creative ZEN Micro.

Using FM Radio on Creative MuVo or ZEN Nano players
The player scans and stores all radio stations that it can receive. At the end of the autoscan, it automatically saves all stations as presets and tunes in to the first preset.

Troubleshooting FAQ of Creative MP3 Players
Troubleshooting FAQ of Creative MP3 Players

Reconfiguring the main menu of a Creative ZEN Micro
The menu items such as Music Library, Playlist, Play Mode, FM, or Extra settings can be added or removed to the menu depending on personal preference. For example, you can remove the Extra option from the menu list if you use your ZEN Micro as a mp3 player only.

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