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Find solutions created by our product support experts. Access installation and user guides for information about how to install,  use and how to get the most from your MP3 player.

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Connecting a ZEN Vision or Vision:M to a TV
If you could not hear any sound or see any , please verify that you are using the correct audio/video cable. Do not use a standard video (a/v) cable. The ZEN Vision and ZEN Vision:M only work with the proprietary Creative Video cable included with the Video Kit (available separately). If video is distorted, make sure the yellow connector on the audio/video cable is firmly plugged in.

Using an MP3 player with Xbox 360
You can connect a portable music player to an Xbox 360 console and listen to music while playing a game.

Creative Media Source - Organizing pictures into folders
You can use Creative MediaSource Organizer to organize and transfer photos.

Transferring video or audio files between ZEN Vision:M and a PC
You can use Creative MediaSource or the Creative Sync Manager to transfer media files such as audio tracks, video clips, or pictures between ZEN Vision:M and a PC.

Transferring Pictures between ZEN Vision:M and a PC
We recommend that you use Creative Media Explorer or Creative MediaSource to transfer from your PC to ZEN Vision:M. You can also use Windows Media Player 10 to transfer pictures from your PC to ZEN Vision:M.

Customize Player and Audio Settings on ZEN Vision:M
A guide how to customize your Player and its audio settings

Reset, Format or Clean Up a ZEN Vision:M
If your player stops responding, you can reset it. To reset the player, push the end of a pin-like object (for example, a pin or straightened paperclip) into the Reset hole.

Password Protect Video or Photo Folders on ZEN Vision:M
If you forget your password, you can reset the password by resetting the player. The ZEN Vision:M has a Show/Hide option that you can use to prevent others from viewing protected video or photo folders stored on your ZEN Vision:M.

Creative ZEN Nano (Plus), MuVo Not Listed as Removable Drives in Windows Explorer
If your MuVo player, PC-CAM 880, or some USB digital Still cameras do not show up as a Removable Drive under Windows XP, or if the Creative Media Explorer could not detect your player (see the error message below), it is likely that there is a drive letter conflict , especially if your PC is connected to a network or if you have multiple drives.

Flash Memory, Creative MP3 Players and Macintosh Computers
Macintosh computers using Mac OS 9.2 or later will automatically detect flash memory players and recognize them as removable drives on your desktop and in the Finder window.

Insufficient Space While Transferring Files to Creative MuVo or Nano Players
Flash memory players such as ZEN Nano Plus, ZEN Nano, or other MuVo series may report a message about "insufficient space" even if the player has sufficient space available. This occurs when there are more than 500 files or more than 50 folders on the unit.

'Player not connected' - Error in MediaSource after updating the firmware of a Creative ZEN Micro
Some versions of Creative MediaSource require a PlaysForSure plugin for players that are loaded with the PlaysForSure firmware...

File transfer stops before completion with a Creative ZEN Micro
If your ZEN Micro hangs or stops working while playing or transferring music we recommend you select Clean Up from ZEN Micro's Recovery Mode.

Creative ZEN MicroPhoto or ZEN Micro: Changing Player Settings
Renaming your player, changing display settings, menu configuration, and Wallpaper.

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