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Transferring TV recordings to a Creative ZEN Vision
TV recordings created in Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition are stored in a .dvr-ms file format. The DVR-MS file is an MPEG-2 file (the format used by DVD as well), and it requires a software DVD decoder installed on your PC in order to play back, and for transferring to portable media players.

Creative ZEN 20GB - Startup Guide
Getting music on a Creative Zen 20GB; Recording music on a Creative Zen 20GB; Using FM radio on a Creative Zen 20GB; Other useful information on a Creative Zen 20GB

Creative ZEN Vision - Startup Guide
Getting music on the Zen Vision; Copying audio files, videos or photos to the Zen Vision; Using FM radio on the Zen Vision; Recording with the Zen Vision; Other useful information on the Zen Vision

Subscribing and Transferring Podcasts with ZENCast Organizer
ZENCast Organizer is a kind of RSS reader as well as a RSS aggregator. You can subscribe to podcasts by browsing the ZENCast Directory in ZENCast Organizer as well as at, or by adding a podcast's RSS or XML address to ZENCast Organizer. You can also manage, or organize, and transfer podcasts to portable players.

Creating an Audio or Video Podcast and Publishing It with ZENCast Organizer
Podcasts are pre-recorded audio or video programs made available on the Internet for others to download or subscribe. Each podcast consists of two separate files: one is the audio or video recording itself, and the other is a RSS feed (RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) about the recording such as its title, keywords, subject, date of creation and location etc.

Cleaning LCD screens - Creative MP3 Players
Before cleaning the LCD display of an MP3 player, turn the player off and unplug all cables from it. If there is a Hold switch on the player, set it to Hold (lock).

Changing the owner name of a Creative MP3 player
You can change the owner name of a Creative MP3 player from the default name, My Zen, to a name of your choice either with Creative Media Explorer or on the player itself.

Creating and Displaying Album Art
Album Art and music contents are often licensed by different companies. When a record label can not obtain the Album Art's license, it may select to use an alternate image. When this happens, the Album Art (downloaded from online sources) may appear different from that of the original CD.

Installing MTP (PlaysForSure) MP3 Players under Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows 98SE
Microsoft released a "downlevel driver"(not available in all regions) that enables MTP support under Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98SE. Online music subscription or video subscription services are supported under Windows XP or later systems only.

ZENcast and Creative ZENcast Organizer
ZENcast is the ultimate source for free video blogs (short for Web logs) and podcasts (short for Personal On Demand broadCast) on the Internet. It provides quick and easy access to a wide range of interesting and entertaining video and audio content online.

Creating playlists on a Creative ZEN Micro or MicroPhoto
Playlists allows you to compile your favorite audio tracks from various albums or artists into one song list. You can create and delete playlists on the player itself without using a PC. Alternatively, you can create playlists on your PC first, and then transfer them to the player.

Changing Date, Time, Clock and Alarm on a Creative ZEN Player
How to change date, time, clock and alarm on a Creative ZEN Player

Voice recordings
It is recommended that you download and install the latest firmware for your player if you have any difficulty using microphone, or any other feature of the player...

Charging a Creative MP3 Player
All ZEN MP3 players (except ZEN Nano and ZEN Plus) have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can charge your MP3 player by connecting it to the power adapter (if included with your player), or by connecting it to a powered USB port on your PC.

Play, search and manage music with a Creative ZEN player
Once you have transferred music to your Creative ZEN player, you can search for music tracks by album, artist, genre or track title.

Using a Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter
The Belkin TuneCast II Mobile FM Transmitter has an unique On and Off automatic feature. It will power on when the unit detects an input signal. It will remain "off" when it is not connected an audio source.

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