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Find solutions created by our product support experts. Access installation and user guides for information about how to install,  use and how to get the most from your MP3 player.

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Using Creative MP3 players removable drives
You can configure the following Creative MP3 players as removable drive for easy data storage and transfer without installing any drivers.

Creative ZEN Micro Controls
Description of Creative ZEN Micro Controls.

Changing language settings on a Creative MP3 player
If you forget your password, you can reset the password by resetting the player. The ZEN Vision:M has a Show/Hide option that you can use to prevent others from viewing protected video or photo folders stored on your ZEN Vision:M.

Displaying track details in Chinese, Japanese, Russian or other languages in an Creative MP3 Player
To correctly display track details in Russian, Chinese, Japanese or other Asia languages in your PC as well as in an MP3 player, you will need to change the language settings under...

"CTPdeSrv.exe" is taking all the CPU resources after connecting a Nomad Zen/Jukebox
If after installing a Creative NOMAD Jukebox player such as NOMAD Jukebox Zen, Jukebox Zen NX etc, and you find out that the application "CTPdeSrv.exe" is taking all the CPU resources, you can boot your player into Recovery Mode, and run the Cleanup option.

Using Bookmarks in Creative ZEN Players
You can insert bookmarks during playback. The following hard drive based ZEN players support bookmarks: ZEN Vision, ZEN Vision:M, ZEN Sleek Photo, ZEN Sleek, ZEN MicroPhoto, ZEN Micro. You can use up to 10 bookmarks at any one time.

Changing Metatdata tags for MP3 or WMA files
Metadata is a method of storing information about music files as well as other documents. The metadata tag is also known as ID3 tag for MP3 files. It can contain information such as Artist, Album Title, Track Number, Genre, Lyrics and more.

Charging Modes of Creative Jukebox Players
It applies to Creative Jukebox players only. After installing the Jukebox 4.01I/2.98I Beta Firmware (JBPCFW_4_01.exe), there will be a choice of 4 charging modes in the Settings- Power Settings - Charger menu...

My Creative MP3 Player does not work after installation
Always ensure your player is not connected to your PC before you install the software. If you have connected your player before installing the software we recommend you uninstall the software and install it again.

Uninstall and reinstall a Jukebox player under Windows 2000/ME/98SE
You can manually uninstall and then reinstall its drivers if: There is an error message during automatic driver installation; The player has an error code in Device Manager; The player is not detected in Creative MediaSource or Creative PlayCenter, or Windows Media Player; Windows can not find neccessary drivers.

Scanning and Listening to FM radio
Make sure that earphones are connected to your player when you scan for radio stations. The earphone cable acts as an antenna for radio reception.

Changing the TouchPad Sensitivity of a Creative ZEN Micro
The touchpad has two functions: you can scroll through menu options and select an option from a menu. It may need a little practice before you get used to it. If you are having problems, we recommend you try the following...

Copying/Converting Music to your Creative ZEN Micro in easy steps
Converting files which is also called Ripping, is the process of extracting audio files from a music CD and converting them to either MP3 or WMA format, for your Creative MP3 player. Instructions on how to rip, copy music to a Zen Micro player.

Storing Data Files with a Creative ZEN Player
The Creative ZEN players such as ZEN Vision:M, ZEN MicroPhoto, ZEN Micro, ZEN Sleek Photo, or ZEN Sleek can be configured as a Removable Disk device for transferring data files from one PC to another.

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