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Transferring multiple playlists to a ZEN Player
Device playlist support in Windows Media Player 10 has known limitations. Please follow these steps...

Amount of Storage Space of A Player Is Smaller Than Expected
Music files encoded at higher bitrate are much larger than music files encoded at lower bitrate, thus it reduces the number of songs a player can store. More...

Preventing Windows Media Player 10 from automatically deleting content on a portable player
If your portable player, such as the ZEN Micro or the ZEN PMC, has established an automatic synchronization relationship with your PC via Windows Media Player 10, the software will automatically sync and delete those files that are on your device, but not on your PC , once the player is connected to your PC.

ZEN Portable Media Center Battery Care
If your ZEN Portable Media Center (ZEN PMC) is not being used regularly, check the battery status and charge as necessary at least once every 30 days.

"Firmware Problem" After a Failed Firmware Update on a MTP Player
The Firmware Problem error can be caused by an unsuccessful firmware upgrade, corrupt firmware, or corrupt music tracks. To resolve this error and reload the firmware, verify and follow procedures below...

Duplicate Tracks in an MP3 Player
The music tracks on hard drive players are sorted by the tag information stored within the music tracks themselves, not by the folders that store them.

Adding Music to Slideshows
You can add music or audio comments to a slideshow on a ZEN Vision or ZEN Vision:M to create a PowerPoint like presentation.

Creating Playlists on ZEN Vision:M
You can add an entire music category such as Albums, Artists, or Genres to a playlist, or add individual tracks.

Creating Playlists on a Creative ZEN Player Without a PC
Tracks listed in the Selected Music can be saved as a playlist. To create a playlist on the player itself without using a computer system, follow the procedures below...

Streaming music directly from a Creative MP3 player
You can stream music tracks in MP3 or WMA format from a Creative MP3 player to play on your PC via USB, without transferring them to your PC, if...

Recording with the built-in microphone on a Creative ZEN Micro
Recording with the built-in microphone on a Creative ZEN Micro

Importing Music into Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer
PC Music Library is your collection of digital audio tracks in Creative MediaSource. To import music tracks from a folder or folders into Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer...

Using Creative ZEN Micro's Organizer Features
You can use the ZEN Micro to store your contacts, calendar events and tasks from Microsoft Outlook.

Creative Zen MicroPhoto - Startup Guide
Getting music to a Zen MicroPhoto, Getting photos to a Zen MicroPhoto, Recording music on a Zen MicroPhoto, Using FM radio on a Zen MicroPhoto, Other useful information on a Zen MicroPhoto

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